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CopraRNA - sRNA Targeting

CopraRNA - sRNA Targeting

CopraRNA is a tool for sRNA target prediction. It computes whole genome predictions by combination of distinct whole genome IntaRNA predictions. As input, CopraRNA requires at least 3 homologous sRNA sequences from 3 distinct organisms in FASTA format. Furthermore each organisms' genome has to be part of the NCBI Reference Sequence (RefSeq) database (i.e. it should have exactly this NZ_* or this NC_XXXXXX format where * stands for any character and X stands for a digit between 0 and 9). Depending on sequence length (target and sRNA), amount of input organisms and genome sizes, CopraRNA can take up to 24h or longer to compute (in most cases it is significantly faster). It is suggested you supply your email and return when the job has finished. As output, CopraRNA produces a CopraRNA p-value sorted list of putative targets. Results can be viewed in the browser, but closer examination of the downloadable data is suggested.

Precomputed results for Enterobacteria: ArcZ, ChiX, CyaR, DsrA, FnrS, GcvB, GlmZ, MicA, MicC, MicF, OmrA, OmrB, OxyS, RprA, RybB, RyhB, SgrS, Spot42, and for Non-enteric bacteria: FsrA, LhrA2, PrrF1, SR1, IhtA.

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Try CopraRNA with this example: 5 ChiX sequences (~2h) (input|result) ?


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Results are computed with CopraRNA version 2.0.2