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? List of genes analyzed
? Minimum number of genes per cluster5
? Maximum number of genes per cluster15
? Minimum score to return1.1

Job ID 5382027 (server version 4.3.0)

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?Job Completed@ Mon Aug 08 10:20:32 CEST 2016
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Description of the job


An example of metaMIR in differential analysis mode. The transforming growth factor beta (TGFb) signalling pathway, important during neural development (including neural crest) is often dysregulated in the development or progression of cancers. In many contexts, up-regulation of the activating components of the pathway can be involved in the progression of disease. A potential therapeutic application of miRNAs in this context would be to search a miRNA that targets (down-regulates) these components. At the same time, given the multitudinous targets of miRNAs, one would not want to target tumour suppressor genes.

In this gene list, the TGFb componens are plain, indicating the search should be "positive" to find miRNAs that will target (down-regulate) these genes as in the standard analysis. Genes prefixed with a minus sign (-) are those tumour suppressors one does *not* want to be simultaneously targeted by any miRNA returned for a cluster in the positive search.

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Result table

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miRNA Final Score Positive Combo Positive Score Positive Group Positive List
hsa-miR-302a-5p 2.932 BMP2,BMPR2,MYC,SMAD1,SMAD2,SMAD4,TGFB1,TGFB2 2.507 8 2.39
hsa-miR-1285-5p 2.14 BMPR1A,BMPR2,TGFB2,TGFB3,TGFBR1,TGFBR2,TGFBR3 2.084 7 2.14
hsa-miR-4308 2.611 BMP4,BMPR2,SMAD1,SMAD3,TGFB2,TGFB3,TGFBR1,TGFBR3 1.981 8 2.17
hsa-miR-548az-5p 1.142 BMP4,BMPR2,MYC,SMAD1,SMAD4,TGFBR3 1.117 6 1.14

Result table - repPos

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Gene name Rep
BMP2 100
BMP7 100
BMPR1A 100
BMPR2 100
MYC 100
SMAD2 100
SMAD3 100
SMAD4 100
TGFB2 100
TGFB3 100
Rows: 1-10 11-17 all

Result table - clusterPos

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Gene 1 Inter Gene 2 Norm
BMP2 pp BMP7 7.5
BMPR1A pp BMPR2 8.5
MYC pp NOG 6
SMAD1 pp SMAD2 7.5
SMAD3 pp SMAD4 8.5
TGFB2 pp TGFB3 8.5
TGFBR1 pp TGFBR2 8.5
TGFBR3 pp BMP2 8.5
BMP7 pp BMPR1A 8.5
BMPR2 pp MYC 8.5
Rows: 1-10 11-20 21-21 all

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