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metaMIR - Human miRNA Interaction

metaMIR - Human miRNA Interaction

metaMIR is a microRNA (miRNA) framework to predict interactions in human between miRNAs and clusters of genes. The user provides a set of genes to be targeted, and optionally genes not to be targeted. Taking data from a reference database of previously established predictive algorithms, metaMIR will return miRNA candidates predicted to co-regulate genes among those entered by analyzing all possible subset combinations.

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Try metaMIR with these examples:
  • Co-regulation by miRNA with core focus (input|result) ?
  • Standard analysis of miRNA targeted co-regulation (input|result) ?
  • Differential analysis of miRNA targeting and non-targeting of clusters (input|result) ?
  • Combined differential and core analysis (input|result) ?

Note: the metaMIR webserver will be offline for maintenance from 02/12/2021 to 15/01/2022.

Due to an upcoming hardware replacement and restructuring, we have to temporarily stop the Freiburg RNA tools service. We will restart the service as soon as possible, hopefully before the announced date.

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Results are computed with metaMIR version 1.1.0 using R 3.2.1