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CRISPRloci 0109488

Input and runtime details for job 0109488 (precomputed example)

Input Parameters

? Sequence(s)[.fa]
? Sequence type Protein sequence(s) (FASTA format)

Genome information

? DNA sequence completeness complete

Parameters concerning CRISPR arrays

? CRISPR array orientation prediction Yes
? ML model to use all
? Detect the IS-element Yes
? Compute degenerated repeat Yes
? Fast run mode No
? Enhancement of the predicted array Yes
? Enhancement of the start and end of the array Yes
? Min. repeat length in the array21
? Max. repeat length in the array55
? Min. spacer length in the array18
? Max. spacer length in the array78
? Min. number of repeats in the array3
? Max. edit distance for evaluated array enhancement6
? Max. number of identical spacers in the array4
? Max. number of consecutive identical spacers in the array3
? Max. length of the spacer's margin for the degenerated search30

Parameters concerning Cas genes

? ML model to run combination of both
? Select the classifiers ERT
? Select the regressors ERT
? Max. number of contiguous gaps in a cassette2

Parameters for CRISPR repeat input

? Hit sensitivity (e-value threshold)0.01

Parameters for Virus DNA/RNA input

? Hit sensitivity (e-value threshold)0.000001

Job ID 0109488 (server version trunk)

?Job Submitted & Queued@ Fri Dec 18 08:01:24 CET 2020
?CRISPRloci Started@ Fri Dec 18 08:01:41 CET 2020
?CRISPRloci Finished & Post-Processing@ Fri Dec 18 08:10:41 CET 2020
?Job Completed@ Fri Dec 18 08:10:47 CET 2020
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Description of the job

Protein mode

CAS Protein Classification

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ID Input-ID Cas cassetteID Subtype Module Length
Prot9 NC_005230.1_9 wyl 2 CAS-I-D interference 315
Prot10 NC_005230.1_10 cas3 2 CAS-I-D interference 723
Prot11 NC_005230.1_11 cas10d 2 CAS-I-D interference 976
Prot12 NC_005230.1_12 csc2 2 CAS-I-D interference 330
Prot13 NC_005230.1_13 csc1 2 CAS-I-D interference 255
Prot14 NC_005230.1_14 cas6 2 CAS-I-D processing 263
Prot15 NC_005230.1_15 cas4 2 CAS-I-D adaptation 191
Prot16 NC_005230.1_16 cas1 2 CAS-I-D adaptation 326
Prot17 NC_005230.1_17 cas2 2 CAS-I-D adaptation 95
Prot93 NC_005230.1_93 cmr6 1 CAS-III-B interference 646
Prot94 NC_005230.1_94 cmr5 1 CAS-III-B interference 132
Prot95 NC_005230.1_95 cmr4 1 CAS-III-B interference 260
Prot96 NC_005230.1_96 unknown 1 CAS-III-B potential_cas 127
Prot97 NC_005230.1_97 cmr3 1 CAS-III-B interference 371
Prot98 NC_005230.1_98 cas10 1 CAS-III-B interference 980
Prot99 NC_005230.1_99 unknown 1 CAS-III-B potential_cas 98
Prot100 NC_005230.1_100 cas1 1 CAS-III-B adaptation 330
Prot101 NC_005230.1_101 cas2 1 CAS-III-B adaptation 93
Prot70 NC_005230.1_70 csx1 3 CAS-III-D interference 423
Prot71 NC_005230.1_71 csm6 3 CAS-III-D interference 372
Prot72 NC_005230.1_72 csm3 3 CAS-III-D interference 796
Prot73 NC_005230.1_73 csx19 3 CAS-III-D interference 187
Prot74 NC_005230.1_74 csm3 3 CAS-III-D interference 523
Prot75 NC_005230.1_75 csm3 3 CAS-III-D interference 792
Prot76 NC_005230.1_76 cas10 3 CAS-III-D interference 559
Prot77 NC_005230.1_77 cas6 3 CAS-III-D processing 367
Prot78 NC_005230.1_78 csx18 3 CAS-III-D interference 105
Prot79 NC_005230.1_79 unknown 3 CAS-III-D potential_cas 125
Prot80 NC_005230.1_80 cas1 3 CAS-III-D adaptation 337
Prot81 NC_005230.1_81 cas2 3 CAS-III-D adaptation 94

CAS Protein Sequence for selection from above

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