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NIPU - Splicing of regular motifs

NIPU - Splicing of regular motifs

This server allows to display splicing regulatory motifs and single-stranded regions.

For splicing regulatory motifs, we use the NI scores (see Stadler et al. (2006)). A hexamer with a positive NI score is considered to have ESE function, a hexamer with a negative NI score is considered to have ESS function. Strong ESEs have a score > 0.8, strong ESS a score < -0.8. Hexamers with a score between -0.8 and 0.8 are considered to be splicing-neutral, since their splicing effect is predicted to be weak.

For single-stranded regions, we compute the probability that a hexamer is completely unpaired (denoted as the PU value). PU values range between 0 (hexamer is completely base-paired) and 1 (hexamer is completely unpaired). The PU value for one hexamer is determined as the average of all local folding windows that comprise a context up- and downstream of 11 to 30 nt. PU value computations are based on RNAfold from the Vienna RNA package.
NOTE: For analyzing an entire exon, you have to input the exon sequence as well as 30 nt from its upstream and downstream intron flank.

Note: the NIPU tool is not maintained anymore.

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Try NIPU with this example: human CFTR exon 12 (input|result) ?

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Results are computed with NIPU version 1.0.1 using Vienna RNA package v2.4.14